Posts made in June, 2009

Good for discussion, even at the end of the year


Two articles today could be great ways to end your j-class – or spark discussion at the beginning of fall’s.

One, about MySpace and online speech cases in Pennsylvania, looks at the problems judges are having with free expression issues outside of school.

The other, from Washington state, raises the issues of how best to report an incident at a high school.

Great topics for discussion.

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First Amendment issues in the news


Those interested in the latest First Amendment incidents and issues should note the following links:

• Student literary magazine recalled, then sold with permission. See first article and then the followup.

• Racial Comment in School Paper Sparks Discipline. See this article.

• Glendale Union school’s newspaper, district battle over censorship. See the article.

• Sixth Grader’s Project About Harvey Milk Censored by School. See the article.

• Secrecy 101: FERPA applied beyond intent. See the article.

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