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Signing on as FAPFA candidate makes powerful symbolic statement

Posted by on Nov 23, 2016 in Scholastic Journalism, Teaching | 2 comments

Confession: For the past 10 days, I’ve spent a good chunk of time glued to media coverage of President-elect Trump, reading about his...

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In plain view from public places: Photojournalists and free speech

Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Blog, Law and Ethics, Legal issues, Scholastic Journalism, Teaching, Visual Reporting | 0 comments

What can and cannot be photographed continues to fall under question, bringing attention to photojournalists and igniting important First...

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Free Speech Week lesson:
What does the First Amendment protect

Posted by on Oct 16, 2016 in Blog, News, Scholastic Journalism, Teaching | 0 comments

Lesson: What does the First Amendment protect? Description: This lesson takes a look at the freedoms the First Amendment to the...

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Apply for First Amendment recognition
with FAFPA Award

Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in Blog, News, Scholastic Journalism, Teaching | 0 comments

Constitution Day participation can be a time to  focus student journalists a on recognition for First Amendment practices and policies as...

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No one lives in a Hazelwood state

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in Blog, Hazelwood, News, Scholastic Journalism, Teaching | 1 comment

by Candace Perkins Bowen, MJE The first time a journalism teacher in a convention session asked for advice because she lived “in a...

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