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Become involved with 1 For All


During this past week, and especially today, commercial media have carried viewpoints by and about 1 For All.

1 For All is is a national nonpartisan program designed to build understanding and support for First Amendment freedoms, providing teaching materials to the nation’s schools and supports educational events on America’s campuses.

As you celebrate July 4 and all it means, consider becoming involved with 1 For All by joining its mailing lists, entering its contests and involving your students in its activities.

Check out its website and participate in the activities. As part of your students’ leadership training, urge them to become involved, to enter a contest or to participate in the 10 top ways to support the First Amendment.

At a time when we, as journalism educators and practioners of the First Amendment – and not just freedom of speech and press – face growing confrontations toward free student expression, becoming involved with 1 For All is a clear way for us to demonstrate our commitment to our country’s promise – and its future.

And, for our efforts to have any meaning at all, we must involve those voices in the village not heard nearly enough: our students.

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