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Celebrate Free Speech Week,
show it means something real


Free Speech Week starts Monday, Oct. 19 and continues through Oct. 25.FreeSpeechWeek_Logo_Main

Let’s show the nation it means something to scholastic journalism, its students and advisers.

According to information from the its website, Free Speech Week (FSW) is a yearly event to raise public awareness of the importance of free speech in our democracy- and to celebrate that freedom. As freedom of speech is a right all American’s share, this non-partisan, non-ideological event is intended to be a unifying celebration.

SPRC suggestions include:
• Publish at least one substantive story across platforms this week that show students who practice free speech to make final content decisions perform intelligently and act journalistically responsible, no matter how controversial the topic
FSW_Icon_500• Reach out to some part(s) of your communities and show them how and why free speech guidelines are important, not only for publishers but for audiences
• Invite community members, from students to adults in and out of school, to sessions where students decide content to be published so these observers can see the thought and principles that go into decision-making.
• Follow links to the FSW Social Media Badge used to the left and/or the FSW logo and display your active support.

Scholastic media can also become partners with FSW and display badges like the one at the start of this article and others. Click here to find out how.

In fact, try to get your whole school to partner and display the social media badge o FSW logo.

You can find other celebration suggestions on the Celebration Ideas Douglass-225x225webpage.

Click on the image to the right to find free speech and expression quotes for personal use.

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