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Conversations at the Schoolhouse Gate


Episode 9: Photojournalism during school

The latest episode of the SPRC podcast Conversations at the Schoolhouse Gate focuses on setting the scene and then interviewing students and their adviser at Palo Alto High School.

Students dealt with authorities trying to block them from taking photos when a police officer was injured on campus.

You can listen directly from the website here or — better yet — subscribe on Apple podcasts or Spotify. This would be a great one to share with your staffs, also.

Student journalists at Palo Alto High School illustrate the tension between press freedom, public safety and ethics during a crisis at their school

In this episode, Menlo School adviser Tripp Robbins asks student journalists what they would do during a rumor-filled crisis at school and then interviews students at Palo Alto High School in California who actually dealt with one.

Students and their adviser, Paul Kandell, talk about the challenges of shooting photos of breaking news and lessons they learned.

If you are a student or a student media adviser with a story about scholastic press freedom, we want to hear from you.

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