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Despite prior review approval, paper is confiscated anyway


Censorship unleased its tentacles into northern Indiana recently, when assistant principals confiscated issues already reviewed and approved by the principal.

The article, an opinion piece about the resignation of the head football coach, wished “only the best for the coach” but also said the change was needed.

The local paper reported the assistant superintendent as saying the newspapers were removed after students and administrators were called and texted by those upset with the paper’s portrayal of the football team and the coach. Administrators said the piece created a disruption of the school process, even though the editor pointed out the issue was only on the newsstands for about 20 minutes.

The school carries out prior review and the principal had approved the article.

At a board of education meeting Feb. 15, sources said administrators defended their decision by arguing the school paper is no place for negativity and students can become good journalists while covering the plentiful good things in the school.

Coverage of the board meeting reports the students asked the board to make the issue available “no later than Tuesday, Feb. 16. The board did not respond to this request and that of the editor’s father.

The local paper quoted an assistant principal, “I take the rights of our country very seriously. But it’s important for students and staff to show respect for each other, and that we maintain a safe and balanced learning environment.”

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