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Focusing our efforts


JEA’s Scholastic Press Rights Commission will meet Jan.5-7 at the Poynter Institute to work on and develop commission projects to  better serve members, their students and communities in terms of press rights and responsibilities.

Some of the topics commission members are considering are:

• Brainstorming and implementing a “blast outreach campaign” to students about their rights and responsibilities. Involves creating the materials and the delivery system. (Could be in parts for those involved in media and those not involved in media)

• Assembling a teaching module of questions to raise before censorship becomes an issue. (We already have ethical situations that can be worked into this)(Web/online-based)

• Seek input on 1-3 “ethical situations you wish you had answers to” using the listserv; Asking the question and compiling a way to make it available. Involves identifying the questions and creating the answers. Good resource could be Kelly McBride if she is to be there.

• A multimedia version of the wallet card concept: “Break Open in Case of Emergency” and develop and create it at Poynter.

• Create an outreach package to commercial journalists urging them to become involved with blog and/or information to scholastic journalists. Materials and package.

• Create a package to ask advisers “What questions do you ask when trying to get students to act ethically.” This could be commission produced and come from a listserv survey; compiled and prepared for distribution.

We would also like your input. What might you want us to develop that would best meet your needs?  Candace talked about sites to find lessons, activities and situations yesterday, but could we develop other projects to directly help you?

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