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Highlighting some SPRC key and most-used posts


Press Rights Minute is one of several of our services buried in the SPRC vault. Press Rights Minute has a wealth of 60-second audio support on substantive, key journalistic, issues for advisers, students and administrators.

The Panic Button is a way to reach out for SPRC and JEA legal and/or ethical advice. We are not lawyers, but we can help while students or advisers contact the Student Press Law Center. It’s also an informative place for administrators and others to learn more about the dangers of not supporting journalism designated as a forum for student expression.

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Tinker: A Pillar of Strength is a compilation of lessons, activities and background of the importance of Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court decision and what followed it. It is varied; it is in depth and a provides at least a year’s worth of materials.

Having background like this year as we Handle(ing) Protests, Walkouts and Marches is essential. Although this was prepared for events and issues several years ago, it is relevant and offers solid advice for reporting in the charged atmosphere of pandemic, election and a divided nation.

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