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If covering protests, note these points


With the promised spread of federal agents to additional cities to protect federal buildings, student media will likely join protestors and commercial media in the streets.

Police and federal agents have, several times, injured not only protestors but also student media and those from commercial media groups.

To help student reporters and visual reporters better know how to avoid issues with authorities and to protect themselves, the Student Press Law Center released 20 important points to know. The SPLC also has other points as does JEA’s Student Press Rights Committee.

Other valuable information focused on reporting by 17-year-old Eddy Winford-Ross, a scholastic media editor at Portland’s South Salem High School. Here’s another article about Winford-Ross . Here’s another SPLC story about her, and more.

Other coverage that could provide contextual information about events and issues surrounding protests:
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Leaf-blower wars: How Portland protesters are fighting back against tear gas and forming ‘walls’ of veterans, lawyers, nurses
Navy vet asked federal in Portland to remember their oaths. Then they broke his hand
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