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Internet filtering flaws not new, but still worth exploring, then condemning


A tweet by the Student Press Law Center March 28 highlighted an excellent piece about how Internet filtering harms schools.

The blog by Mitch Wagner of Computerworld suggests Internet filtering is excessive and heavy-handed. Links to other articles linked within Wagner’s suggest Internet filters keep students from accessing legitimate information often required by state-mandated tests.

Even better, other links provide instances where filters kept students away from legitimate information.

Journalism teachers could add their own examples of education being disrupted by Internet filters. Maybe citing these examples on this blog would be a good way to renew efforts to remove filters, at least for journalism programs.

Read, then forward, Wagner’s blog to the powers-that-be in your school system. They need to follow the links to other pieces by Wagner and others showing the real evil of the Internet: filters.

Good reading and an excellent way to start a new month.

Who knows, this reading might kindle a new desire to free students from technology gone wrong that frustrates students and their teachers.

By demonstrating solid reporting and editorial comment on the flaws of Internet filtering, student media could exhibit leadership that could make a difference in educational communities.

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