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Making a Difference: Student journalists document controversy challenging community


by Jane Blystone

Part 2 of an 8 part series

When the school district in Pflugerville, Texas, decided to provide employees with domestic partners the same fringe benefits that married couples received, student journalists at Pflugerville High School documented the public controversy as it was the first district in the state of Texas to offer such coverage.

Raising conversations about whether the district should offer such coverage also sparked discussion about same sex marriage in a state where it is banned by state constitution. Students were able to build the package as they documented public meetings where citizens challenged citizen in open forums.

The strong writing and editing in this package ensures that viewers get the larger story in just three and one-half minutes. Student journalists localized the story by interviewing students within the school who were on both sides of the issue.  Coverage of public school board meetings, teacher, student and private citizen interviews provided a balanced news package.

View the video package here:

Student journalists do make a difference.

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