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Model for ethical guidelines, process


Ethical guideline title
This would be the situation or ethical situation. For example, it could be how your student media would handle unnamed sources, takedown demands or sources wanting to read content before  publication.

Ethical guidelines
This section would contain the recommended guideline or statement of ethical principle. For example, for unnamed sources it could be under what conditions your reporters would grant anonymity; for takedown demands it could be the consideration you would make in deciding to take down content, or not to do so.

Staff manual process
This section is essential. It would list the detailed process or procedure of how the guideline would be carried out. For example, with unnamed sources it could include:

• Not granting it until talking with editors

• The steps the reporter will take to verify information from an unnamed source

• Granting only to protect the source

• Making sure the source know the agreement and conditions

• and more

This would be articles online or elsewhere for rationale for the process and the guidelines. Generally, keep the number small unless there is a need for extensive sourcing.

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