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Because scholastic journalism programs face tough times in the classroom and as viable activities because of financial and curricular crunches, it’s always good to have statements about the value of scholastic media ready for use.

Here are three that could come in handy:

• An NCTE Position Statement on the importance of journalism courses in English curricula.
• An Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication (ASJMC) Statement on the importance of scholastic media.
High School Journalism Matters, research from the Newspaper Association of American (NAAF) that journalism provides clear evidence journalism-engaged  students are more involved in civic activities, better educated and more involved citizens as they grow older.

Secondly, check out the written decision on the recent Churchill County High School, Nevada, case about a teacher’s lawsuit against the school newspaper.

Thirdly, download and discuss Randy Swikle’s Protocol for Free and Responsible Student News Media from the McCormick Foundation.

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