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Noteworthy information for the start of a new school year


As we prepare to return to school, several pieces of information are worth our attention:

• Another Washington school argues it is not responsible for student media content. The SPLC in its news flashes today ran a story about the Seattle school district saying it would not be responsible for content in a potential libel lawsuit.

• SPLC director Frank LoMonte authored an oped piece for The Philadelphia Inquirer on the topic of cyberbullying. LoMonte forcefully argued that more speech in schools, not less, is the sound way to deal with societal issues.

• A Churchill County Nevada judge this week tossed out a teacher’s lawsuit about an article the teacher said damaged her reputation.

Sign the First Amendment as part of the 1 for All program. Other information about the program and the First Amedment can be found at the organization’s site.

As a new school year begins, let’s remain aware of the censors around us and look for the numerous groups around the nation who will continue to support student expression.

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