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Resources for working on student free press legislation

Several students, including Lukas Levin, make signs to promote the 2018 Minnesota New Voices campaign.

For Constitution Day, we created a resource for those working on state student free expression legislation. This resource can take stakeholders through the stages of the process. 

We hope this blossoms into a robust resource area. Samples are included for many items, but please remember, these are samples of what others have done. It is not a best practice to use them as your own. Your information should be specific to your state and should include issues of concern to your legislators. 

• This Google Drive includes the following:
Writing the legislation
Finding a sponsor
Organizing advocates
Preparing for the long process Citizenship
Building the case for legislation
Lobbying with students and following up
Educating all before and after bill passage

If you have questions or something to add to this resource, please send it to
I wish you the best in this legislative season.
Lori Keekley, SPRC director

Students from Stillwater Area High School allying the corridor to the State Senate and House chamber during the Minnesota Lobby Day. 

For past Constitution materials, go here.

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