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Following – and creating –
New Voices in the land

Foundations_barNew Voices campaigns, inspired by the successful John Wall New Voices Act of North Dakota, continue to grow across the country.
Developed by journalism students and advisers and supported by scholastic journalism organizations, these groups want to give voice to student journalists by creating legislative reform.

So far, five states have established campaigns and many more are in discussions. Those states are:
New Voices of Minnesota
New Voices of Maryland
New Voices of New Jersey
New Voices of Illinois
New Voices of Michigan

In other legislative news, scholastic journalism supporters in Washington have talked with a potential Republican sponsor in Washington as they work toward proposing new legislation. Wisconsin is also working on legislation but does not have a digital site yet.

Visit for more information and news about these fledgling groups.
For more detailed information about the legislative process, check out these resources:
Check out the Facebook pages for these five groups.
Like their cause.
Look at the resources for legislation.
Think about adding your voices to New Voices across the country.




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