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Start your new year with a call to action: Hazelwood anniversary looms


hazelwoodBWby Megan Fromm
Yes, students, there is a Grinch. And its name is Hazelwood.

On January 13, 2013 student journalists and advisers across the country will (begrudgingly) commemorate 25 years of Hazelwood censorship.

In the hopes of inspiring change, dialogue and ultimately greater scholastic press freedom for all students, SPRC is finalizing its 25th Anniversary Hazelwood Teacher’s Kit.

This kit will include:

  • promotional materials for commemorating the event
  • lesson plans to better understand student press rights and combat Hazelwood censorship
  • a news release to engage your local journalists
  • a letter to administrators
  • and more!

Most importantly, the SPRC has created specific calls to action for students and advisers. We will also be live-tweeting resources and ideas throughout the month of January.

In partnership with the Student Press Law Center’s “Cure Hazelwood” campaign (, we encourage all scholastic journalists and advisers to put the 25th anniversary of the Hazelwood decision on your agenda.

Just imagine what could happen if scholastic journalists from schools across the nation made a collective, informed, impassioned plea for freedom. What a difference we could make!

So, this holiday season, we hope you will kick back, enjoy the festivities, and keep tabs on the SPRC blog for our upcoming teacher kit. Let’s make 2013 the year Hazelwood takes a hike!

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