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Study others’ First Amendment climate to better your own


First Amendment survey

Social media post/question: What does your school’s empowerment of free expression entail? 

Topic: By localizing the survey “Gallup: Free Expression on Campus: A Survey of U.S. College Students and U.S. Adults,” students can begin to see their students’ reactions to free expression points made in the survey.

Stance: Free expression isn’t always a friendly venture. Oftentimes, the values of free expression can be tested by speech that may make another uncomfortable.

Reasoning/suggestions: By examining their school’s current free expression climate, students can evaluate what type of community education is needed and act accordingly.

According to the Gallup poll results concerning seeking out and listening to alternative views, “Only 16 percent of students and 24 percent of adults say Americans do a good job of this; 50 percent and 39 percent, respectively, say Americans do a poor job.”

How can education of a school culture allow for a forum for student discussion?


Top 10 High School FAQs

Summary ofTinker v. Des MoinesandHazelwood v. Kuhlmeier

The SPLC First Amendment rights diagram(for public schools)

SPLC law library





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