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Fake or Fact? seminar available
via live-streaming, archived video

Posted by on Sep 17, 2017 in Blog, Ethical Issues, Lessons, News, Teaching | 0 comments


Looking for additional materials for Constitution Day and lessons about fake news  in addition to what’s available from JEA and the SPRC?

The 13th annual Poynter-Kent State University Media Ethics Workshop is Thursday, Sept. 21, and focuses on fake news. The theme is “Fake or Fact?”

Details about the workshop, including speaker bios and a tentative schedule, are here.

A lesson plan for scholastic students, created by Candace Bowen, is available on the site.

The event is on the record, live streamed and archived. Show your students panel discussions as the happen or return to them by accessing the archives.

The keynote speaker will be NPR’s David Folkenflik, NPR media correspondent who is now featured in Netflix’s documentary “Nobody Speak.”

Other sessions will address fake news and journalism credibility, fake news and the 2016 election, how to identify and combat fake news, and fake news and public relations. Kelly McBride, Poynter’s VP, will be present, along with Indira Lakshmanan, who is Poynter’s new ethics chair.

You may recognize Indira as the Boston Globe’s Washington columnist who is frequently on PBS’s Washington Week and other political news shows.


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