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Posted by on Aug 29, 2017 in Blog, Lessons, Scholastic Journalism, Teaching | 0 comments



Resources for sponsored content/native advertising

• 12 examples of native ads (and why they work)

•3 examples of branded content marketing done really, really well

• 7 great examples of branded content

• An ethical framework for sponsored content

* Article or ad? When it comes to native advertising, no one knows

• Evaluating information: The cornerstone of civic online reasoning

• How ‘deceptive’ sponsored news articles could be tricking readers – even with a disclosure message

• How news organizations can sell sponsored content without lowering their standards

• Knowing what is what: Is it editorial content or is it advertising?

• Making sense of the news: Distinguishing news from sponsored content

• Media ethics and society

• Most students cannot tell the difference between sponsored content and real news

• Most students don’t know when news is fake, Stanford study finds

• Native advertising

• Native advertising examples: 5 of the best (and worst)


• Native advertising: Last week tonight with John Oliver


• Of 17 editorial ethics challenges, sponsored content is most vexing to Ethics Chat attendees


• Sponsored content/native advertising


• Sponsored content presents opportunities, ethical concerns for newsrooms


• South Park sponsored content segment


• The best branded content of June: Heavy on the content, light on the brand


• The definition of ‘sponsored content’


• The ethics of using paid content in journalism

• The slippery slope of sponsored news

• Understanding the rise of sponsored content

• What is the difference between sponsored content and native advertising?

• What journalists need to know about ‘content marketing’


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