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Minors as subjects of sensitive topics

Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Blog, Law and Ethics, Scholastic Journalism, Teaching | 0 comments


*Editor’s note: This is the second of a series of rotating columns by commission members to appear Wednesdays. Megan Fromm will present best practices for teaching ethics; Jeff Kocur will discuss common problems student leaders and advisers face and how to overcome them; Candace Perkins Bowen will examine journalistic ties to Common Core standards; Mark Goodman will write about current events and impact on law as it affects scholastic media and Marina Hendricks will address ethical issues and online journalism.

by Jeff Kocur

When my students told me they wanted to write a story about a transgender student, my first thought was. “Here we go again.”

After last year’s series of controversial topics such as fighting, teen pregnancy, hazing, race, and other issues that raised the ire of my admin, simply because of their topics, I was ready for at least one issue that didn’t push the envelope.

But that isn’t really journalism.

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