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Move over, Michael Myers. There’s a new slasher in town.

Posted by on Nov 3, 2009 in Blog, Hazelwood, Law and Ethics, News, Scholastic Journalism, Teaching | 0 comments


It really must be the season of the witch.

The Student Press Law Center today tweeted yearbook censorship in a Summerville, Georgia, high school. According to a WRCB-TV report, the new principal censored the fall-released yearbook prepared by students and their now retired adviser last spring.

His target: four pages of shirtless boys playing basketball.

The pages were cut from the book. Slashed, leaving ragged edges, tattered memories.

The reason:  “Inadvertently,” WRCB-TV quoted the new principal, ” the school administration did not approve the 2008 -2009 yearbook in its entirety; there were several photographs that did not reflect an appropriate image of the school or our community. The pages which contained the photos were removed.” The principal declined further comment.

If that does not bring a chill, consider that other photos of boys without shirts remain in the yearbook.

The system’s superintendent told the television station the principal “is trying to improve the image of the school, and the academic programs of the school. He has it headed in the right direction.”

It is a direction the former adviser does not approve.

In a video section of the report the retired adviser said he was very disappointed with the decision to mutilate the yearbook.

” There was absolutely nothing inappropriate about the pages that were cut from the book,” the adviser of 27 years was quoted on the video. “I am offended by the lack of regard shown for the students pictured on those page, the students who worked on the yearbook staff last year, and most of all, the students who purchased the yearbook.”

So say we all.

Move over Michael Myers. There is a new slasher in town and, frighteningly enough, another tale of horror in yet another town.

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