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Tweet15: Know how to use public records


hazelwoodcolorYou have the right to information. Know how to use public records. #25HZLWD

Open records—in other words, the government information that is accessible to the public— vary by state.  Sometimes, finding exactly what is public in your state is simply a matter of knowing what state statute details this information.  Use the links below to find out which statute in your state gives more information:

Then, once you’ve identified a record you would like access to, make a verbal request first. If the record isn’t forthcoming, use the Student Press Law Center’s Freedom of Information letter generator to request your record:

Sometimes, school officials will not release information because they claim it violates FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).  Use the link below to better understand what records are closed under FERPA, and what records you legally should have the right to access:

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