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Tweet16: Know how to fight legal battles, if you must


If legal battles are necessary, students have to fight them, and know protected from unprotected speech. #25HZLWD

Advisers cannot fight legal battles for students. It is imperative students understand the difference between protected and unprotected speech and what is worth fighting for. Additionally, students need to know the process and resources available for them to fight censorship. Decisions to enter into legal battles cannot be made lightly. Before this step is taken, know the best ways to fight.

Resources for unprotected speech:
• ‪SPLC/CMA Legal Bootcamp – Student Press Law Center
• Student media guide to Internet law
• Understanding student free-expression laws
• SPLC presentations and handouts usable in the classroom; also lesson plans (scroll down the page)
• SPLC podcasts
• First Amendment FAQs
• Legal guide for the private school press

Resources for fighting censorship:
• Fighting censorship: A Checklist
• Fighting censorship after Hazelwood
• High school confidential
• Censorship statement
• A student media adviser’s guide to fighting (and surviving)_ censorship
• Fighting journalistic media censorship must start locally
• Posts tagged “The Spoke”
• Resources for publications facing censorship
• Press freedom at a public junior or high school

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