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Tweet18: Develop, follow code of ethics


Develop a strong code of ethics, and follow it daily in planning all coverage. #25HZLWD

No matter which media platform you use, ethics will play a daily role in your decision making.

Rushworth Kidder in “How Good People Make Tough Choices” says ethics is a “right versus right” process.hazelwoodcolor

“Right versus wrong” situations are best decided by knowing and applying press law. The act of deciding involves a concept we will call ethical fitness. Ethical fitness removes the need for control because students practice critical thinking. At the same time, we do not permit anyone to punish students for making – or failing to make – decisions that are not right versus wrong instances.

When it is time to take action, students who are ethically fit, who have already done the thinking, are prepared to resolve issues they face.

From story selection to explaining why a decision was made not to name a source, ethical thinking is at the core of a successful scholastic journalism program.

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