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Tweet24: You can Make a Difference. Show everyone how.


Don’t give up. Change happens slowly. Cures don’t work overnight. You can make a difference. #25HZLWD

In 1988, because of the first outbreak of the Hazelwood malaise, JEA published its first collection of student journalists making a difference through their reporting.

In 2012, we committed ourselves to updating the project, hoping to show student journalism had not succumbed to Hazelwood.

We hope to have Making a Difference become an ongoing project with your help and submissions.


Here is the first:

Here is the 2012 version:

• For background on 20 years of Hazelwood:

Here are instructions on how to submit an entry for Making a Difference

Yes, student journalists make a difference. We have seen that in the past year as students submitted outstanding journalistic work that has made a difference in their school or community.

]Is there a story student journalists at your school have written that has made an impact in your school or community? We would like to hear your story and share it to encourage other student journalists.

The Journalism Education Association’s Scholastic Press Rights Commission is looking for such stories to showcase in the 2013 editions.

We want to show scholastic journalists can — and consistently do — develop stories which demonstrate professionalism, make a difference in the lives of peers, school and community and exemplify research, responsibility and courage. The Commission knows this work will be an inspiration to students, advisers, parents, administrators, lawmakers and professional journalists.

We’re looking for student journalism in any of its forms — electronic media, newspapers, yearbooks, multi-media — from this year or previous years. The submission should reflect student-selected content of high journalistic quality that had an impact on the school or community.

Include with submission:
• Statement from the adviser about how this story made a difference
• Electronic version of the story – can be PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, M4V
• Submit package for consideration to by Jan. 30.
• Include contact information for person submitting package.

Jane can be reached at the email address above if you have questions or ideas. If you would rather Skype for contact, Jane’s Skype name is jblystone.


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