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Seeking to cure the Hazelwood Blues

Seeking to cure the Hazelwood Blues


Weighted down by the Hazelwood blues? Try these resources. #25HZLWD

One way to commemorate Hazelwood’s 25th anniversary is to take steps to control its effects. Here are our recommendations for an Action Plan to begin to find a cure for Hazelwood.

Additionally, check out the SPLC’s 5 simple steps you can make sure Hazelwood never turns 50.

Below the Action Plan you will find a daily listing of links we will post to Twitter and links that go to resources to assist you and your students to support the SPLC in its efforts to find the Hazelwood Cure.

1) Educate yourself about the importance of student press freedom. Why should students make decisions?
• For advisers: JEA guidelines for advisers — specifically areas 5-9
• For students: (seventh item down, specifically 1.4-1.6 and 5.2-5.3)

2) Educate your school and community about the importance of student press freedom
• links same as above

3) Work to establish your student media as designated public forums for student expression
• Link to SPLC resources
• See our next tweet

4) Support student free press legislation in your state
• link to SPRC Legislation Blueprint document
• link to SPLC legislation pages, and

5) Join the Student Press Law Center’s effort to “Cure Hazelwood” and sign the petition supporting student press freedom.
• link to SPLC ( ) Join the “Cure Hazelwood” Facebook group.

Introductory post:

Teacher’s Kit:

Our 25-Tweet package for finding a Hazelwood Cure:
Tweet 1:
Tweet 2:
Tweet 3:
• Anniversary provides change to thank, educate decision-makers
Tweet 4: Relationships: Establish relationships with administrators, communities, before issues arise. #25HZLWD
• Students, teachers report censorship:

Tweet 5:
Tweet 6:
Tweet 7:
Tweet 8:
Tweet 9:
Tweet 10:

Tweet 11:
Tweet 12:
Tweet 13:

Tweet 14:
Tweet 15:
Tweet 16:
Tweet 17: Was not posted.
Tweet 18:
Tweet 19:
Tweet 20:
Tweet 21:

Tweet 22:
Tweet 23:
Tweet 24:
Tweet 25:
Tweet 26:

Hazelwood stories blogs:


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