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Latest podcast focuses on hate speech and student media


by Kristin Taylor

Tripp Robbins just hosted the latest episode of Conversations at the Schoolhouse Gate (if you have subscribed to it, you already know this!).

I recommend checking it out. You can listen directly from your laptop at the podcast website or subscribe via Apple podcasts or Stitcher to download it to your phone. It’s a valuable conversation between Tripp and SPLC lawyer Mike Hiestand.

Here are the show notes.
Episode 7: Hate speech as free speech — some thoughts for student media

After giving some background about the the term “hate speech” and its legal status, Menlo School journalism adviser Tripp Robbins interviews Student Press Law Center lawyer Mike Hiestand about hate speech, the First Amendment and student media.

While offensive speech is protected by the First Amendment, Hiestand clarifies some situations where it might cross over into an unprotected speech category, such as “fighting words,” and reminds student editors that some decisions are ethical rather than legal.

If you are a student or a student media adviser with thoughts on this episode, we want to hear from you. You can reach us at with the subject line “Podcast” or tweet us at @jeapressrights. So you don’t miss out on future episodes, please subscribe to this podcast through any of the many podcast applications available for your computer or phone.

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